At approximately 5:00 a.m. on the morning of August 31, a resident on Lindbergh called 911 saying someone was in her home.  Officer Rosser was on Springdale and immediately responded in person.  The intruder, thought to be Claude LeRoy Brown, was walking from the back yard with a crowbar, two drinks and what appeared to be food in a Tupperware container.  Officer Rosser made him put everything down and sit on the ground as APD was arriving.  The intruder was taken to jail.

There have been numerous complaints about this particular individual for a while.  He is homeless and walks the streets around Lindbergh, Springdale, Glenwood and Terrace.  He has some mental health issues and talks to himself, etc.  Please call PHCA security and 911 if you encounter this individual.

To contact PHCA Security please dial #404-771-3812