Peachtree Hills Security Patrol

Peachtree Hills is proud to be considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta and we love that our neighborhood is in the heart of the City. We also recognize that being a popular in-town location requires a heightened security presence, which is why our Security Patrol  is such an important asset to our neighborhood. The Peachtree Hills Security Patrol was formed 30 years ago and is an important part of the Civic Association.  Off-duty and retired Atlanta Police officers make up our team and patrol our neighborhood approximately 40 hours per week.  Their service augments the Atlanta Police Department through daily patrols throughout our neighborhood. Patrol hours are staggered and change periodically so potential perpetrators don’t know the schedule. This has been a very successful program, and we’ve had no major criminal incidents since its creation.  The personal, dedicated connection the officers have with the community has helped make Peachtree Hills a safer neighborhood. The Patrol’s existence depends totally on membership dues (the more members we have, the more patrol hours we can fund).  One benefit of your membership is alerting officers when you go out of town so they can stop by and check on your home.

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